How to Transfer a .uk Domain to Zume

Transfer your .uk domain to Zume, an Nominet-accredited registrar. Transferring a .uk domain is slightly different from transferring other domain extensions. The .uk domain uses a TAG system instead of auth codes. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to transfer your .uk domain to Zume for free.

The process for transferring domains without a .uk ending is different

If you want to transfer a domain to Zume, please follow our guide on how to transfer a domain to Zume.

Zume's Nominet TAG

Zume is a Nominet-accredited registrar. This means that we're an official registrar for .uk domains.

Our Nominet TAG is ZUMEIO.


To transfer your .uk domain to Zume, you'll need to update the TAG to ZUMEIO. There is no concept of domain transfer-locking or EPP codes for .uk domains.

Retagging a .uk should be free

Registrars are obliged to retag domains promptly, though they might charge for this. Despite costing them nothing, if your registrar plans to charge, we suggest going directly to the .uk registry, Nominet Online Services, and paying them £10 + VAT.

This has two perks:

  • Immediate action
  • It may discourage charging for leaving, which we deem unethical. If not, at least your current registrar won't profit from your exit.


Enough with the formalities, let's get started with the transfer process!

  1. Inform us about the transfer

    You should place a free transfer order with us before you change the TAG. This will ensure we know who to assign the domain to once it arrives, so it doesn't get detagged and lost in the system!

    1. Log into the Zume client area.
    2. Go to the Transfer Domains to Us page.
    3. Enter your domain name in the provided field and click the Check Availability button. If your domain is available for transfer, you'll see a message stating that it's available.
    4. Leave the EPP code field empty and click the Add to Cart button to add the domain to your cart.
    5. Click the Continue button to proceed to the checkout page.
    6. Complete the checkout process to initiate the transfer.
  2. Request the TAG change with your current registrar

    Now contact your current registrar and ask them to update the IPS TAG to ZUMEIO on the domain you are transferring.

  3. Wait for the Transfer to Complete

    .uk domain transfers are usually completed within 1 hour of the TAG change. You can check the status of your transfer from your Zume client area.

    1. Log into the Zume client area.
    2. Go to the Domains page.
    3. View the status of your transfer.

    We will send you an email once the transfer is complete.

  4. Update Your Nameservers

    Once the transfer is complete, you'll need to update your domain's nameservers to point to your hosting provider. You can do this from your Zume client area.

    View our guide on how to update your domain's nameservers to Zume's so your domain automatically works with your hosting plan.

    1. Log into the Zume client area.
    2. Go to the Domains page.
    3. Click the Manage Domain button next to the domain you want to update.
    4. Click the Nameservers tab.
    5. Enter your nameservers in the provided fields.
    6. Click the Change Nameservers button to save your changes.